Anai Martinez

I love food. I can cook. I am not the best but i do better than your mama. My mom taught me how to cook since i could remember. Reason why I'm taking culinary arts is because life is all about food.
People know I'm pretty slow so they have to explain everything to me step by step. People call my by Chihuahua or by Ant. I'm very nice, but when you got to say something smart to me or say something i do not like. Girl boo. I like dressing up, but i eventually have those ratchet days. I have a really nice and dumb cousin. Her name is Loraine. I really don't know how she is from the family she is so sweet and nice.
My favorite Mexican food is Chile Reyenos. I love to make them for my dad, because its his favorite food.

I love the color pink.

All Baout me.