Why it's so great!

What's so great about it?

In a Capitalist society there are markets that people use to markets to buy and sell. These markets help set the price for goods. There is also competition that help these markets flourish. The competitions helps keep the prices low and quality of products high!
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It's YOUR choice.

In this society you also have the choice to buy whatever you want! The idea of economic freedom allows you to have unlimited choices on what product you want! Also what is yours stays yours unless you sell. This is the idea of private property rights that allows what you buy to stay in your ownership until you decide otherwise. You also have the voluntary exchange which means if you want to buy or trade an item the seller and consumer can discuss a price until they reach a price that benefits and satisfies them both!


What helps this type of economy flourish? Profit motive! The idea that anyone in the country can be rich drives people to start businesses and make a better life for themselves.