All the FYSHies in the Sea...

First Year Students of Hillel invitation to Birch Aquarium

It's FREE week at the Birch Aquarium!

Grab those shiny new ID cards and visit the Birch Aquarium (just down the road from campus) with UCSD Hillel!

We'll meet in the Sukkah on Sun God Lawn at 2:30 pm, where you'll have a chance to shake the lulav and etrog before piling into cars and heading to the aquarium.

Hang out with other FYSH (First Year Students of Hillel) and new transfer students as we swim through Birch Aquarium saying hi to all our sea friends until the museum's close at 5 pm.

Bring your cameras!

Sink or Swim with the Sukkah?

Meet at Sun God Lawn

Monday, Sep. 23rd 2013 at 2:30-5pm

2300 Expedition Way

La Jolla, CA

FREE with UCSD ID card!!

We are FYSH with UCSD Hillel

Feel free to contact Felicia Palmer, Engagement & Leadership Associate for Hillel of San Diego at UCSD for more information or with questions.