American Revolution

Hayden Bauer

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Forge Summary

A slave named Curzon wants to be free & to find his friend Isabel. Unluckily he got caught up in the Revolutionary War & is forced to fight. He has to go through hard times of starvation as a soldier but he makes many friends along the way. After that it gets even worse because his former master, Bellingham comes back & takes him away. Which means he’s a slave again but Isabel is there with him. They plan to escape but they get caught by Bellingham. Curzon fights Bellingham while Isabel gets a shovel & hits Bellingham over the head with it. Then him & his friends all escape together.


The American Revolution is one of the most important events in American history. Valley Forge was an important part because it’s where the Colonial Militia spent the winter of 1777-1778. The soldiers fought the war and won America’s freedom. George Washington was one of the greatest American generals. Valley Forge, the soldiers who fought for our freedom, and George Washington all played important roles in the American Revolution.

Valley Forge

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The rations at winter valley forge from 1777-1778 was horrible. What they were meant to get was a pound of meat, a pint of milk, some rice, three pounds of veggies, corn, molasses and a pound of flour. That was much more than what they got. what they did eat was a mix of water and flower known as firecake. This mix was better when it burned your mouth or if it was bland and tasteless. It also tasted better when there were maggots in and it added extra protein. Going on about the protein as a delicacy they ate much less than a pound of salted fat. That was just the rations they had to deal with and they were working all day on only a little bit of that food. That is how horrible their food was, maggots little wormy bug things made their meals taste better.


In modern times soldiers sleep in shelter a lot better than Washington’s army did. Washington’s army slept in less than standard shelter when they arrived in valley forge. They spent time in some rather nice tents at first. Those tents would break after too much use so they decided to build cabins. These cabins were not nice they were tiny and they couldn’t use nails or dig underground. It took them about 4 for months in freezing weather and starving building these cabins which housed around five people and were two meters by two meters. most days structures like that could take a week if the right team was building it. Washington’s army couldn’t be any better off could they now.


Washington’s army had to deal with severe cold wearing very poor clothing. Luckily when they were there it was only moderate weather for that area. It never even got to the negative numbers. The lowest was 6° fahrenheit. The main factor was they were basically wearing summer clothes because most of their clothes were torn up. Another cause was there not so great building skills the roofs leaked so hopefully it didn’t snow that much. Many people froze to death or got hypothermia while sleeping. Thank god for good roofs and warm clothes right unlucky for them they did not have those. They were also originally from England where it hardly ever even gets below freezing.

American Revolution Soldiers

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The revolutionary war soldiers had some very interesting outfits. In the revolutionary war no to american militia dressed alike while the British all dressed alike. The redcoats dressed this way for a reason. It made them seem more unified and the color red is meant to strike fear in their opponents. It was also much easier to tell friend from foe in the smoke of battle when you’re wearing a bright color. The american militia wore very different clothes. Uniforms have been an important part of a soldier's appearance whether it be scaring their opponent or blending in. The colony's militia might of not had uniforms but they were still important.


In wars almost nothing's more important than the weaponry the soldiers are using. The militia had much less supplies than the British. The British had more ammo, food, soldiers, and guns. Though the weapons on both sides were mostly the same except that the militia had lower quality weapons. Both sides had bayonets for their soldiers. The British soldiers had grenades which is why they were sometimes called grenadiers. Weapons have played a major role in war since the beginning. If there was no fighting or weapons in war it wouldn’t be war.

Training & Tactics

Training and tactics could win almost every war. The revolutionary war was a battle between the “well trained, disciplined, veteran British “Redcoat”and the plain spoken, American citizen-soldier clothed in homespun. “ The British trained for circa three years while the colonial militia hardly got a year at the most. The British had a great training program and used many strange tactics during the revolutionary war. They stood in a straight line and shot a volley of fire all at once. They also had riflemen waiting to pick off any survivors. I know this might seem like a good idea but what happens when the enemy is in the bushes behind and they shoot all at once. Without any sort of tactics and training armies would be horribly organized and probably accidentally shoot each other. Tactics and training can turn the tide of war in an instant if used correctly.

George Washington

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“Washington helped shape the beginning of the United States.” He lead the colonial militia to victory many times against the redcoats and arose victorious. The hardships they would make most give up but not him he pushed on and won the war. He was President of the United States of America. Washington also lead the convention that signed the constitution. After all that he was a general and helped the british fight the French and Indians. George Washington was a great general and president. This is why he has been called the father of our country.

Myths & Legends

There have been many legends about George Washington but most are false. One of the most common myths is about him chopping down a cherry tree which he never did. He never threw a silver dollar across the Potomac. There wasn’t such a thing as a silver dollar and if there was a dollar was a lot back then. He never had kids his wife was a widow before they married and she had two kids. His teeth were not wood though he did have fake teeth. Legends have shrouded Washington’s history and a few we’ve just found false. All of these legends were meant to tell you how George Washington was honest or strong.


George Washington was one of our country’s founding fathers and the first president of the United States. George was the only president to be unanimously elected by the Electoral college. He was president from 1789-1797. He was inaugurated in two cities New York City and Philadelphia. George Washington had to pay the government's bills out of his own pocket. George Washington molded this country into what it is now. His presidency has always been a big deal in America especially he was the first.

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