Wayne Williams

By Kenny Hemraj

Wayne Williams

  • Wayne William was born in Atlanta GA.
  • He was around 34 when he was committing the crimes.
  • He was a Freelancer

The Case

  • Wayne Williams was a suspect in the Atlanta Child Murders taking place from 1979-1981.
  • He killed two adult men, and was responsible for 23 child murders.
  • Hair And Fiber were used widely in this case.

Fiber Evidence

  • The fibers found where linked to his house and his cars.

Initial Examination

  • Investigators were looking for anything that could trace them back to Wayne Williams.


  1. They found bodies.
  2. Kept the bodies for investigation.
  3. They quickly learned that he was going after African American Men
  4. They learned that he chose his victims.

Pieces Of Information

  • His victims usually had a lot of carpet on them.
  • Some victims would have dog hair on them, the dog hair on the victims matched up to Wayne Williams dog at the trial.

Concepts of Statistical Probability

  • The carpet found on victims played a big role in the conviction of Wayne Williams.
  • Investigators did their research on the type of carpet found.
  • They learned that only a certain amount of people had that carpet.
  • 1 Out of 7000 people in the area had that kind of carpet in their house.