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September 2017

This Month's M-Powerment Focus is M-1

This month's m-Powerment focus has been M-1, Creating a Collaborative Culture of Caring, and our Blue Devil family has done just that. Coming together as one was an empowering step in this direction to join forces as one united campus with a shared vision and purpose to helping Every Child, Every Day.

Special Thanks To.....

A huge shout out and special thanks to our Custodial staff who worked tirelessly to get our buildings moved and clean for the first week of school. Their commitment to our staff and students to make sure our every need was and is taken care of is unparalleled.
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And to our Office and Guidance Staffs...

Without our Office and Guidance Staffs helping teachers with supplies and assistance with student support, the first weeks of school would not have been this smooth.
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You've Been Busted!

Our teachers have been setting September on Fire with great instruction!

Why We Do What We Do...PIP's Journey

We are very fortunate in our school district to have access to technology and digital resources to engage our students and to be able to personalize and differentiate learning for every student every day. In today's classrooms, the learning experience doesn't have to be the same for all students and our students are learning differently than we did. Check out this video to better understand today's learner.

Instructional and Tech Strategies

Instructional Strategy Highlight: Entry and Exit Tickets

Over the last few weeks, your Instructional team has been asked for strategies to incorporate more of a variety of Bell Ringers and Exit Tickets.

Why are bell ringers so important?

  • Having a bell ringer for the beginning of your class allows the teacher to immediately gain control of the students. If students have a task to begin working on when they enter your classroom, not only are they focused when it's time for class to start, but they are also engaged in the material for that day. Check out this link for a variety of Digital Bell-Ringer Activities.

"I know exit tickets are important, but I always run out of time":

  • It's so easy when you are teaching and in the moment to teach right up to the bell. That's a mark of a great teacher! Exit tickets are meant to be a quick take away from that day's lesson ----5 minutes or less- of the class period--and a way to inform you the teacher if you students are "getting it" or not. Consider trying some of these quick exit ticket ideas in your lesson.

Literacy Strategy: Vocabulary and Writing Development Across the Contents

Check out this choice board of ideas for vocabulary and writing lessons in your classroom.

Tech Takeout

  • Gradebook checks are happening -- make sure it’s setup properly:

  • Update your mac to Sierra

  • VPN has been broken for student phones

  • Delete applications you don’t know as often as possible just move them to the trash. See Damien if you need help

News from the Media Center

Congratulations to Sophomore Book Club member McKenzie Griffin for reading 28,026 pages over the summer! Thanks to her achievement, MHS was recently awarded the Mooresville Public Library’s Summer Reading Champion trophy for the highest student participation.

Attention all writers and illustrators. Has your work been published in a book or an article? If so, please let us know, as we want to obtain a copy of your book or article for the MHS Media Center’s collection. We’ll also ask you to sign this work for us.

Something Motivational From the Kid President

Great Resources to Bookmark!

Take a moment to bookmark our MGSD Professional Development, Digital Resources, and Cool Tools Webpages. Explore these sites for new instructional strategies, tools, and ideas for your classes.

Your MHS Instructional and Media Team

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