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Principal's Weekly Communication -Week of January 1/18

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Our next meeting will be to firm up definitions of classroom managed vs office managed behavior and to look at a flow chart.

School Improvement Planning Through Rising Star

At our January meeting we will be looking at putting together time for teams to review an upcoming unit of literacy with Interventionist to to differentiate by target, enhanced, and prerequisite. The unit plans also differentiate learning activities among various modes of instruction – whole-class instruction, independent work, small-group and station -based activities.

Learning Environment: CL8 The school culture supports teachers in practicing effective and responsive instruction to meet individual student needs.

Educator Quality: ID13 Instructional teams meet for blocks of time sufficient to develop and refine units of instruction and review student learning data.

Teaching and Learning: IIB04 Teachers differentiate instruction based on assessment results to provide support for some students and enhance learning opportunities for others.

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RTI Check Ins

To be on the same schedule as a building we are using 1/25 and 2/22 for all RTI student check in dates. This may be slightly different than what was on the RTI spreadsheet. At these PLC RTI check in dates please have progress monitoring data available to review.

Domain 4b-f due January 20th

Non-tenured staff and tenured staff that is completing the performance evaluation process this year should complete this domain no later than January 20th in Teachscape.

MAP Report Information

This document contains information on the types of reports you can access from the NWEA site and how to read them.

2nd Joint Institute Day on Friday, January 15, 2016-Reaching All Learners

All certified staff are to report to their assigned high school at their regularly scheduled contract start time:

  • 7:25 for Middle School
  • 8:10 for Elementary; please be mindful that the start time for your first session is 8:15
End of the day will be:

  • 2:55 for Middle School
  • 3:40 for Elementary

Don't forget to print your participation guide and car pool to Prairie Ridge if you would like.

The Participation Expectation Guide will help prepare you for the day as well. It has been saved in our Husmann Central Folder under the Early Release Folder.

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District 47 Bravo Shout Out

Click the link below to give a “shout-out” to someone you think deserves recognition! Deadline for submission is the 15th of every month. Let Denise know if questions.

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You Rock Terri Olsen! Thank you for all your time and work on the Social Committee, planning events for Husmann School and following them through.-Cathy Thurston

  • I just want to let Adrienne Hentz know how much I appreciate her punctuality and flexibility with pulling my "barometer student" for timely sensory breaks. These breaks truly help him accomplish tasks and be ready for learning. Adrienne is always cheerful, calm and helpful! J. Massie
  • Luis, Richard, and Mike..........thank you for keeping Husmann so clean and safe especially during this winter season!

    Jenny Atkinson.........thank you for being so on top of things and so helpful especially when you have a thousand meetings and worries

    Monica, Guy, Cathy,Erin, and Joy........thank you for always smiling and listening when we come into the office for guidance, laughs, and warm-ups! Gina Belt-Daniels (who will be missing you all soon!)

  • I would like to shout "YOU ROCK" from the rooftops! Lisa Noonan went above and beyond to help get the IDs printed for our new POS system! All of the teachers ROCK, as well! Thanks for all of the patience and support as we transitioned in the cafeteria!! We appreciate you all so very much!

  • Our custodians Luis, Mike and Richard rock! Each one has smiles and a kind (or funny) word to say. They all will go the extra mile for our staff.

    We are so lucky to have such positive guys around to keep our school looking great!-P. Reese

  • Karen Belke, Jill Kuhns, and Ann Aiello for putting the wheels into motion so a student in need could receive a free eye exam and new glasses. Being able to see makes learning so much easier!--KB

  • Jenny Massie and Rita Fata ROCK for joining the guided math class, enabling the class to happen!

  • Debbie Glawe's husband ROCKS for making these amazing door stoppers (that actually work!)!!!

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