Vasco Da Gama

First to sail from Europe over the tip of Africa to India

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Vasco Da Gama is know for finding a much quicker and cheaper way to trade spices with India. So in stead of walking to India he tried to sail to India and past the tip of Africa and then go to India. It was a big time saver and money saver
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Vasco Da Gama

Thursday, July 8th 1497 at 10:45am

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, Lisbon

This when Vasco Da Gama set sail for India

Early Life

Vasco Da Gama was born in a small town coastal town in Portugal named Sines. He was born in 1469 (or 1460). His dad was a knight and a explorer Vasco followed in his father foot steps.

Reason For Exploration

Vasco Da Gama was looking for a way to get spices by sailing to India. Luckily for him the king like this idea on July 8th 1497 vasco was on his way to India


Vasco Da Gama found a new route to get spices from India. It was a lot cheaper then walking all the way to India and they had more room to put spices.


Vasco Da Gama found a new route to get from Europe to India it was much cheaper to sail instead of walk and it did not take as long to sail instead of walk. Vasco Da Gama died 1524 December the 23ed