Comparing Technology Policies




It has a section on what you can use.

Parents have to sign contract or if 18 sign own contract.

Has a list of violations and policies.

List of what cant be done.


expectation guidelines - and unacceptable guidelines
only available if granted access or supervised
notify the teacher if anything inappropriate or threatening comes up.
list of consequences if conduct not followed
copy of the contract
more speaded out easier to read


Technology approvals are required
Explains Responsibility For Debts



  • everything crambed in 2 pages


  • There are a lot of repeats


  • not as much description
  • too short to be a policy
  • doesn't have all the points that the others have
  • you have to pay to be able to use LISD internet
  • has not been updated since 2006


  • CISD’s policy is a little more cramped and is can get confusing to read.
  • Irvings is a little more opened and easier to read .
  • Irvings has more facts than CISD and LISD
  • Irving has an expectation list.
  • CISD has a younger that 18 and 18 contract
  • Irving has a copy of the contract on the document
  • Irvings and lewisville policy is harder to find than CISD policy on websites
  • The lewisville policy isn't as defined as the CISD and IISD


  • IISD and CISD share consequence explanation
  • CISD and IISD show examples of can’t do’s
  • all have and intro
  • IISD and CISD include a contract.
  • CISD has a younger that 18 and 18 and older contract
  • has a copy of the contract on the document
  • irvings and lewisville policy is harder to find than CISD policy on websites
  • CISD and IISD include code of conduct

Teachers vs. Students point of view

Teachers Point of View
these are all great. One thing missing would be that it has a what if section. What is something inappropriate poped up of if you were being threatened etc.. If is was more spread out and easier to find. For all policies to be easier to find.

Student Point of View -
These are explainable rules but do you really have to be watching my every move? Can’t i have any privacy?

Best Policy and why? How could it be changed?

What is the best policy and why? -
The best policy out of all of these would be IISD because is more explainable. It is also easier to read and understand. It has categories that explain more deeply.

How would you change the policy to make it even better? -
i would make it easier to find and i wouldn't repeat many of the cant and can do’s. I would let the students use it more freely.Other than that i think it was the best out of all of them.