Big Hard Shells

Cute Strong Turtles

what types of turtles are there?

In conclusion, there are many types of turtles in the world.   Eastern box turtles are very typical of most land turtles.  Florida soft shell turtles  have a leather like shell.  Hawks bill turtles  used to be widely hunted.  Galapagos tortoises are one of the largest turtles in the world.

How do they defend themselves?

Turtles also need to defend themselves so they don't die.  Mud and musk turtles defend themselves by hissing at other animals.  Musk turtles also give off a bad, yellow smell to get the predators to go away.  Shells are used to protect turtles by putting their whole body in the shell.  Turtles defend themselves by snapping at predators.

what do they eat?

Lastly, turltes eat many foods in the world.  When turtles want a snack or something to eat,  they eat baby birds.  Land turtles would also have mice as a snck.  When they're hungry and can't find any food, they might eat dead animals.  If land turtles had nothing to eat, they would wait at a river and see what comes out.


In conclusion, there are many types of turtles in the world.