Basic Rabbit Care

How to take care of your rabbit!

Raising a rabbit is rewarding and fun.

Rabbit Grooming

Brushing -

  • for short-haired rabbits: once a week
  • for long-haired rabbits: everyday
  • keep rabbit fur at one inch
  • rabbit skin is fragile!

Nails -

  • check nails once a week
  • make sure they aren't too long

Most grooming is done themselves, so not to much attention to this is needed.

Rabbit Feeding

Rabbits need...

  • hay - it's the single most important thing in a rabbit's diet
  • alfalfa pellets (no more than 1/8 cup per day) - provide basic nutrients
  • fresh vegetables (in moderation) - greens help keep them hydrated

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Rabbit Handling

NEVER pick your rabbit up by the...
  • ears
  • scruff
  • legs
  • tail

Rabbits don't always enjoy being picked up. They are generally ground-dwelling animals. If your rabbit fights or struggles, gently place it safely back on the ground. When holding your rabbit, keep them close to your body and always support the hind quarters.

NEVER let your rabbit jump from your arms because it can seriously injure itself.

Some of the top pet breeds: