Take a hit and take a risk.

Why smoking is bad.


Death Toll-From 15.1 million(in the united states) to 42.1 million(worldwide).
Number of new smokers each year-At an estimate of around 8 million.
The deaths of teen smokers-19.9 million boys-16.1 million girls.

Problems (Conditions caused by tobacco use)

Heart Disease
Chronic Bronchitis

Ways to quit smoking

Chemicles found in tobacco

The Chemicles

Butane- Inhalation can lead to death by asphyxiation and skin contact can lead to frostbite.
Nicotine- Nicotine is highly addictive and with people with very severe heart diseases it can be fatal.
Ammonia- Ammonia reacts with water to produce ammonia hydroxide this damages cells in the body
Methane- It may increase the risk of cardiac arrest
Methanol- Methanol is alcohol its extremely strong and if it were to be consumed it would cause blindness and brain damage.

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