Chinese Inventions

It goes farther than the Noodle

Important Inventions


Acupuncture is the ancient Chinese medical practice of sticking needles in specific locations of the body for therapeutic purposes and relieving pain. The oldest found acupuncture sticks were made of gold. Acupuncture is a medicinal practice still used today.

Cast Iron Bomb

The first use of cast iron shells packed with gunpowder was in China during the 13th century. The Chinese called it the "thunder-crash bomb". This bomb was incredibly powerful for the time, it could pierce iron armor. When using iron casing for the bomb the actual explosive mixture had to be incredibly strong, because nothing less would break the iron casing.

Pontoon Bridge

During the Zhou dynasty it is recorded that King Wen of Zhou was the first person to create a pontoon bridge in the 11th century BC. During the Eastern Han Dynasty the Chinese created a very large pontoon bridge that spanned across the width of the Yellow River. The Chinese mostly used the pontoon bridges as a short term barricade for river during wartime.

Fun Inventions


In 2002 archaeologists found 4000 year old noodles made of millet ( instead of wheat flour) preserved by a upside down bowl that created an airtight space. The noodles looked very similar to the traditional lamian noodle of China.

Treetrunk Coffin

The tree trunk coffin was a common burial ritual found mainly in southern China. One of the earliest tree trunk coffins founnd were from the Songze culture (4000-3000) BC), Similar coffins were found from the Dawenkou culture (4100-2600 BC).

Bristle toothbrush

The Bristle toothbrush has been used by the Chinese since 1498, during the Ming Dynasty, toothbrushes were not mas produced until 1780, in England. The toothbrush was important because it helped people's hygiene.