By Megan Joseph B2

Hillsong Leadership College

Hillsong College is located in two places in Australia. The "Hills Campus" located in Baulkham Hills (Northwest Sydney) is the main College Campus. The other campus is called the "City Campus" located in Waterloo (Eastern Sydney). This campus is rich in culture and diversity but, sadly has limited space foe international students. The requirements for applying is definite salvation experience, a conviction that there is a call of God on their life, you have to be at least 18, a satisfactory Pastoral reference, on going commitment to Christ and consistent involvement in a church for longer than 12 months and also English be your language. You complete the application online to apply. This application has many questions and personal life and also common questions. The application fee for overseas is $200. I found Blacktown Drive In to be a cool attraction! It is a drive in movie theater. It is 5 miles southwest of Baulkham Hills. The course I will be applying for is Worship Music. If you are involved with this course you have to at least get Certificate IV in Ministry which is one year. The degree I will earn with be Advanced Diploma in Ministry which is three years. I will experience is 720 nominal hours.

"Everywhere you go you are being encouraged and propelled forward." - A Student named Katie

Hillsong doesn't have any sports or activities. You can do that on your own time. The cost of living is $250-$350 per week. Admission does not require GPA, SAT scores or ACT scores, but they require leadership roles. Hillsong has a very well reputation I have not heard anything wrong about it. Tuition is $5,500 a year in Austrian dollars.

Hillsong College - "Worship Encounter 1"
Hillsong College: Worship Music Trainer Ray Badham