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April 19, 2018

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Upcoming Dates:

The Week Ahead...

Hembree Runs Wild 5K on Saturday, April 21st @ 8 am



  • 4/21 - Hembree Runs Wild 5K @ 8 am
  • 4/23 to 5/4 - End of Course (EOC) Testing Window - 9th-grade Accelerated ELA, Math, Physical Science
  • 4/23 - Science Georgia Milestones for 8th grade ONLY – Finish Strong!!
  • 4/23 - Summit Counselor Onsite
  • 4/23 - Academic Bowl Practice @ 4:05 -5:30 pm (Media Center)
  • 4/24 - Social Studies EOG for 8th grade – You got this!!
  • 4/24 - Special Olympics at Centennial HS from 9 am - 1 pm
  • 4/24 - Last Day of Georgia Milestones Testing Window for Make-Up Exams
  • 4/25 - Jr. Beta Mtg @ 8 am (Media Center)
  • 4/25 - 8th Grade FASTPASS Carpool Pilot Program Starts
  • 4/26 - Student Council Mtg @ 8 am (Room E-106)
  • 4/26 - Thursday Club Day - Club Schedule
  • 4/26 - 8th Grade Dance Tickets GO ON SALE @ 8 am & Lunchtime in Atrium - Early Price $15 (Price goes up on 5/1).
  • 4/26 - FCA Mtg @ 7:45 am (Media Center)
  • 4/26 to 4/29 - Band & Orchestra Trips - Have fun!!
  • 4/27 - 8th Grade Dance Tickets on Sale @ 8 am & 8th-grade Lunchtime - Early Price for $15...ticket price goes up 5/1!!
  • 4/29 - Autism Walk from 8 am - 1 pm @ Atlantic Station
  • 4/30 - BOTT T-shirt orders due!



April 24th @ 6:30 PM in Media Center




April 29th - Registration at 8 AM & Walk starts @ 9:30 AM

Join Our Team or Donate by clicking on the link:



"A Night in Paris"

May 4th @ 7 pm - 9 PM

Elkins Pointe Atrium & Cafeteria

Ticket Sales:


Dance Food Donations:


A Message From the Principal

Happy Friday Titans!

This is a Friday to truly celebrate! It's been a busy week and we have accomplished much. We have wrapped up the majority of our state testing, honored our amazing Assistant Principals, and we are rolling out a pilot program to speed up the carpool.

Grades 6 through 8 have successfully completed their ELA and Math Georgia Milestones, and I am so proud of them. All we have left are the 8th grade Science and Social Studies EOGs (End of Grade), some make-ups, and 9th grade End of Course tests and those will be next week. We are rounding the home-stretch for testing. The process has been smooth and our students have been amazing.

Starting on Wednesday, April 25th through the end of the school year, we are going to run a second carpool through the Employee Parking Lot at dismissal time (3:45 - 4:10 PM). This second carpool will be for 8th-grade parents ONLY! They will be issued a FASTPASS to pick up their 8th grader and their siblings/car riders in the staff lot near Hembree Springs. Next week during carpool, we will begin handing out a yellow FASTPASS just to 8th-grade parents. The yellow FASTPASS tags will allow 8th-grade parents to gain access to pick up their 8th-grade student along with sibling(s)/other car riders they typically pick up. For more details on the 8th-grade FASTPASS system visit the Elkins Pointe website or see below.

Next Tuesday, I would like to invite all parents to a very special presentation at Elkins Pointe in our Media Center at 6:30 pm. Roswell High School students, Chet Licata and Thomas Bowie are coming to speak to parents about the very real anxiety issues students face. It is so important for these conversations to start before high school. Teen social and emotional problems are for everyone to solve. I am grateful to Chet and Thomas for bringing this topic to Elkins Pointe.

It is going to be a beautiful day on Saturday. Titan families, I urge you to get out and enjoy the weekend doing something active like going to the Hembree Runs WIld 5K! Whatever you choose to do, your kids deserve to be out and moving around to celebrate the end of a successful Georgia Milestones testing week!


Kindra L. Smith, Ed.S


Elkins Pointe Middle School

Home of the Titans!

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8TH Grade FASTPASS Carpool - Starting on April 25th

Starting on Wednesday, April 25th through the end of the school year, we are going to run a second carpool for 8th-grade parents through the Employee Parking Lot at Dismissal Time. Car riders and walkers will be released at the normal time of 4:05 PM.


  • 8TH GRADE BENEFIT: FASTPASS carpool will be for 8th-grade parents ONLY! This is a pilot program by our Administration.
  • FOR DISMISSAL ONLY: 8th-Grade FASTPASS is for DISMISSAL ONLY. Parents may line up from 3:45 PM to 4:10 PM in the Employee Parking Lot to wait for the dismissal bell at 4:05 PM.
  • NO MORNING DROP OFF IN EMPLOYEE LOT. Parents are not permitted to use the Employee Parking Lot for drop off in the morning. Using the Employee Parking Lot for morning drop off will result in loss of FASTPASS.
  • PASSES ISSUED IN CARPOOL APRIL 23-25: Next week during carpool, our administrators will begin handing out yellow hanging tags to just 8th-grade parents. ONLY ADMINISTRATORS CAN ISSUE 8th GRADE FASTPASS TAGS.
  • NO SHARING OF PASSES or FASTPASS WILL BE REVOKED. Passes are intended only for 8th-grade parents. The purpose of the secondary carpool is to reduce the cars and to speed up the other carpool lane.
  • MUST HAVE YELLOW TAG: All vehicles must have a yellow FASTPASS tag to enter the Employee Parking Lot. Cars not in possession will be asked to leave and use the other carpool lane. Students in the wrong carpool area will be redirected.
  • NO WALKING IN PARKING LOT: Students will not be allowed to walk across the parking lot to get into cars. Students will be released by administrators in the same fashion as the other carpool.
  • STUDENT WAITING AREA: Students will wait on the sidewalk until their ride pulls around to pick them up. If it’s raining, all students will wait under the portable awning near the 8th-grade door.
  • NO PARKING: Do NOT pull in and park in the spaces. Parking spaces are reserved for teachers and staff. Please be respectful of staff parking spaces.
  • STAY IN CARS - ALL PARENTS MUST STAY IN CARS. Please stay in your car and form a line. Please follow the arrows. NO PETS OR PEOPLE OUT OF CARS!!
  • LINE UP: The first car should pull around the sign stating, “CARPOOL LINE STARTS HERE"
  • ARRIVE PRIOR TO 4:10 PM: 8th-grade FASTPASS cars must be in the Employee Parking Lot prior to 4:10 PM or they will be redirected to the other carpool.
  • NO ADMITTANCE BEFORE 3:45 PM or AFTER 4:10 PM. No new cars will be admitted to the parking lot past 4:10 PM. 8th-grade pick-up parents will NOT be allowed in the back once buses begin to depart. Cars attempting past 4:10 PM will be interfering with the bus departures.
  • SIBLINGS & CARPOOL RIDERS PERMITTED WITH 8th-GRADE CAR RIDER: Pick-up of 8th-grade students w/siblings & carpool riders will be in front of the Connections Hall. Please instruct all members of the 8th-grade carpool to wait in front of the C-Hall exit or in front of the 8th-Grade Hall by the portable when raining.
  • BE COURTEOUS TO TEACHERS & STAFF: FASTPASS recipients are asked to use courtesy to other drivers and to the teachers and staff in the Employee Parking Lot. The use of the Employee Parking Lot is something that is not done in other schools. The administration appreciates teachers and staff for sharing their parking lot.



Special Presentation on Teen Anxiety - 4/24 @ 6:30 PM

Elkins Pointe is hosting a VERY SPECIAL PRESENTATION next Tuesday, April 24th @ 6:30 pm in our Media Center. ALL PARENTS ARE INVITED! Two high school students, Chet Licata & Thomas Bowie, from Roswell High School will be bringing presenting on Teen Anxiety & Depression in our Media Center. These young men have started a movement called "Project Golden Light," because they care about the social and emotional well being of teens. Parents, this is your opportunity to hear it from teens. We can guess the types of pressures and how we can help them...or YOU can go to this event.

* 8th graders are invited to attend with or without their parent. The content of the talk is not suitable for children younger than 8th grade.

** High school students are invited to attend with or without parent.

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Battle of the Titans - Order Your Shirts!

Battle of the Titans (BOTT)- Order Your Shirts for the Elkins Pointe Field Day!

  • What is BOTT? Battle of the Titans is the Elkins Pointe Field Day and EVERYBODY participates!
  • When is BOTT? May 21st for all grade levels
  • Where is BOTT? Gym and Track area
  • What's the Deal with the T-shirts? T-shirts for BOTT are Not mandatory but if you would like to purchase they are $10 and here's the order form. Please at least wear your Winn color......either blue, grey, white, or black!
  • Why should you send $$$ money with your child to BOTT? Kona Truck and Funnel cake vendors will return this year...These items are for sale!!


* See BOTT shirts below

If you have any questions about BOTT, please email Coach Glover!

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Join, Donate, Support Autism Speaks Walk Team - 4/29

Join the Elkins Pointe Autism Speaks Walk Team! The walk is on Sunday, April 29. Registration begins at 8:00 am, but the walk starts at 9:30 am. Our EPMS Team Captian is Elizabeth Coté, Autism Teacher/STAR House Site Director. Click, "Join our team" or "Donate to a team member" http://act.autismspeaks.org/goto/EPMS

Smart, Happy, and Connected!

Share your Hembree Runs Wild 5K Photos!

Hey Titans, we want to see you RUNNING WILD @ Hembree Runs Wild 5K! Send your race day pictures to ohanlon@fultonschools.org. We would love for you to share if you won any awards or baskets at the basket raffle. Have fun RUNNING WILD Titans!
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Titans Run the River!

Tyler Godoy ran her first 5k (Run The River) benefiting Home Stretch, and she won 1st place in her age group (11-14). We are so happy for her and we would love to pictures of our Titans running the Hembree Runs Wild 5 K! ❤️❤️❤️

Dr. Bearden also participated in the Run the River %k with her daughter. Dr. Bearden's daughter won 2nd Place in her age group! Also, Dr, Bearden was happy to run into some familiar Titan faces at the 5K! (see picture below))

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Japanese Graphic Stories!

Jessica Scislowicz's, 7th-grade Japanese project was to create a children’s book, focusing on the main character’s day for a week (left). A color copy of her beautiful graphic novel along with some other student work (right) will be sent the Consulate General of Japan and our pen pals school in Japan.
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Titans Following Their Dreams!

Take a sec and vote for Jordan Thorne, one of our former EPMS students! She is currently at Milton High School pursuing her passion for singing and song writing! She has such a beautiful voice!...Just click on the video and “Like” it.

Things to Know for the End of the School Year

A Message from the Counseling Office

Parents if your child will not return to Elkins Pointe M.S. for the 2018/2019 school

year, please inform Ellen Walsh in the Counseling Office. It would also be most

helpful to let us know if your child is slated to go to Roswell H.S. or Milton H.S.

for 9th grade but will not attend. Thank you. (470) 254-8365 email: walshe@fultonschools.org

CLINIC CORNER...Reminder to Pick Up Medications


  • Non-Prescription medications will be disposed of if not picked up by end of school year. Prescription medications will be NOT be held. ALL MEDICATIONS MUST BE PICKED UP ON THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!

  • All medications for the 2018-2019 school year will need NEW medication forms filled out. If the medication is prescribed, doctor orders and signature are required. The orders MUST match the prescription on the bottle.


  • Do not wait until school has started to get doctor signatures. It can sometimes take several weeks to get forms filled out.
  • Be sure that medications are in the original container and not expired.
  • Keep in mind the clinic only dispenses medication that a parent has provided. If your child needs medication at school, please plan ahead.

EPMS Link for medication forms:


Additional Care Plans are required for Diabetes, Asthma, Allergies, and Seizures.

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Get Ticket for the 8th Grade Dance.

Get ready for "A Night in Paris!" Friday, May 4th is the 8th grade Dance...a Night in Paris! Tickets will be going on sale in less than TWO weeks! Dance permission slips will be distributed soon! Save the Date...Friday, may 4th is the 8th Grade Dance!!

Please sign-up to help with the dance:

Elkins Pointe 8th Grade Graduation Events and Dates:

  • May 4th is the 8th-Grade Dance "A Night in Paris" from 7 - 9 PM in the Elkins Pointe Atrium & Cafeteria. More information to come soon in Titan Talk.
  • May 24th is the 8th-Grade Awards & Promotion Ceremony from 10 AM - 12 PM (Gym)
  • May 24th is the 8th-Grade Luncheon @ 12 - 1 PM (Cafeteria) Students & Teachers Only
  • May 24th is the 8th-Grade Block Party @ 1 pm - 4 PM & 8th-Grade Clap-Out @ 3:45 PM

More 8th Grade Things TO KNOW...

Online Health & PE Course Info for Rising 9th-Grade Students

Clearing up some confusion on the "Online" Health & PE Courses Info for Rising 9th-Grade Students:

To register your child for a summer online course at the high school level, please contact Mr. WIll Jones at jonesw3@fultonschools.org.


  1. * To register your rising 9th-grader for an online summer course, you MUST contact your middle school guidance counselor for the class to count towards high school credit. If your child registers prior to their promotion from middle school, the counselor needs to APPROVE the summer course. High school summer course registration opened in March 2018.
  2. ** Health must be taken in order for a student to get their drivers license, but not to get a permit. Students must present proof of high school attendance to the DMV to get their permit. To get their license, students must complete Health course which includes all DVM requirements. NOTE: Please research the Georgia Driver License Requirements to make sure your child's online Health class meets all the requirements.
  3. *** PE & HEALTH MUST BE COMPLETED WITHIN THE FOUR YEARS OF HIGH SCHOOL. They are high school graduation requirements.


  • The high school Health & PE courses may be taken any semester as a .5 semester class or online during the summer. These .5 credit classes must be taken prior to graduation.
  • Health is a requirement to get a Georgia Drivers License.
  • Parents are responsible for the payment of online summer courses.
  • Health and PE courses which are taken at the high school during the school year are free of charge.

Things for Sports @ RHS & MHS

Jr. Eagle - MHS Softball Try-Outs - 4/25

Tryouts are open to all rising 6th, 7th, and 8th graders

Milton Jr. Lady Eagles Softball is holding their feeder softball tryouts on Wednesday, April April 25 from 6:30 – 8:00 at Milton High School softball field. . The feeder team is designed to develop girls that are interested in playing for Milton High School as they come of age. If you have any questions, please email bobforg@bellsouth.net

MHS Softball Try-Outs - 5/1-5/3

Milton HS Softball try-outs for high school students (i.e. rising 9th grade through 12 grade) will be May 1-3 from 5:30-7:30pm. For more information, please visit the Milton High School webpage.

MHS Volleyball Try-Outs - 5/2 & 5/3

Information for Rising 9 graders: Milton High School Volleyball Tryouts will be held on May 2-3 2018 from 5 to 7:30 pm at Milton HS gym. Please arrive 30 minutes prior to register.

All Students who wish to try out for Milton volleyball must fill out forms online through Planet High School. Each athlete is required to have a current physical. Please go to the Forms page under the "More" tab for more details (https://www.miltoneaglesvolleyball.com/).


Roswell High School Jr. Hornets Volleyball Program - 5/19

Grades 2nd - 8th grade - All skill levels welcome!
Spring Tryouts:
Sat. May 19th 2pm - 4pm
@ RHS Main Gym
11595 King Rd, Roswell, GA 30075

To register and find out more information
go to: https://www.roswellvolleyball.org/jrhornets
Or Contact: roswellhsvolleyball@gmail.com

About Us: Founded in 2008, the Jr. Hornet feeder program is meant to provide an encouraging positive environment where young athletes can develop their volleyball skills and knowledge from beginner to the highest level they are able in an organized Volleyball Program.

Chad H.

Cobb Atlanta VBC 12-2 Head Coach / Functional Lead / Player Council Advisor

Roswell High School Feeder Program Head Coach

“Just when they think they got you game, set, match... here comes the comeback!!!"


Camp Invention

This is a great opportunity for students to work with experienced Camp Instructors to be a positive mentor and coach, encourage and inspire children to push the limits of their imagination, collaborate, and ignite team spirit and fun. At the end, each CIT will receive program certification and an official recommendation letter.

Here’s a brief description of Camp Invention and all the adventures that it entails:

Wild and crazy ideas become reality in this year’s all-new Camp Invention program, Fast Forward!

A nonprofit program of the National Inventors Hall of Fame, Camp Invention allows children in kindergarten through 6th grade to experience real-world problem solving, creative thinking, invention, and teamwork – all while having FUN! Activities include challenges and achievements from the brightest thinkers around—National Inventors Hall of Fame Inductees – to inspire children! This year, campers will bring their “smart” home to life with smart furniture and eco-smart energy, design a robotic dog and diagnose puppy problems, explore sensors by designing tracks for an Optibot, a robot that senses dark and light surfaces, and builds Cake Catapults! Local educators lead the week of fun, hands-on, STEM activities that allow children to think big, explore their curiosity, and never give up.

Early registration discounts are available. Visit campinvention.org or call 800.968.4332 to register.

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Fulton County Model Water Tower Competition - Register by 4/30

Space is limited so call today to reserve a spot for your school! Schools will be admitted on a first come, first served basis and RSVPs must be in by Monday, April 30th. For more information or to reserve your spot, please contact Amy Warnock at (404) 612-8006 or email amy.warnock@fultoncountyga.gov
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Fulton County Weather Updates

Fulton County Schools (FCS) recommends staying tuned in to their website, FCS social media accounts, and local news media for updates.

We ♥️ Our Business & Community Partners!

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