Back to Basics

Lets get everyone back on the Origami Owl wagon!

Don't Lose Sight of Your Dreams

As time goes on everyone hits a few valleys and plateaus. Have you ever felt like you're in a rut, needed some guidance, or felt like your dreams have become unattainable? Don't worry, we all have those days and there is no better time than RIGHT NOW to revisit what drives you and revamp your motivation.


1. Make a list of the reasons you joined Origami Owl. (anything you can think of!!)

2. Revisit what you need to do to make this dream happen

3. Revisit your Business Plan (example: host 4 Jewelry Bars a month with commissions of $1500

4. Post photos of your reasons/dreams everywhere you need a pick-me-up.... above your desk, on your mirror, on your night stand, on the fridge, etc.


When was the last time you actually called 3 people in a week to share the Origami Owl opportunity to Host a Jewelry Bar or become a Designer?

I had fallen bend in this also and saw a tremendous drop in my motivation towards my dreams (A.k.a. the DREAM HOUSE). Don't forget to make contact with those you haven't spoken to in a while like past hostesses and guests; or to contact someone you haven't shared your love or O2 with yet! Don't ever assume someone won't be interested... you may be pleasantly surprised!

Reset and Recharge

Summertime is the perfect opportunity to recharge your business and give it the zest it needs!

Print out the New Designer Checklist and use it for yourself! You don't have to be brand new to get back to basics, and it's absolutely helpful in recharging your business and revamping how you connect with people.