Twelve Days of Tech Tips

or Twelve Really Cool Things You Can Do With Google

Day 3 - Historic Moments Collection

The final archive of the Google Cultural Institute is the Historic Moments collection. This amazing collection allows you to explore online exhibitions detailing the stories behind significant moments in human history. Each exhibit tells a story using documents, photos, videos and in some cases personal accounts of events.

You'll find a wealth of information about the First World War, Stories of the Holocaust, Fall of the Iron Curtain, and much more. One of the more fascinating sections of the Historic Moments collection is the LIFE photo collection with over 5,500,000 photographs taken throughout history.

The search capabilities within the site are wonderful, and you should be able to find quality information and media for almost any historical topic.

How to Videos for Navigating Through the Google Cultural Institute

The link below connects to a series of instructional videos showing how to navigate through the different portions of the Google Cultural Institute. I hope you will take advantage of this amazing resource with your students.

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