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Chapter 9 Recap

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In thinking about offering future book studies, I would love your feedback on this experience! Please take a couple of minutes to reflect on this Google Form. It is really short and will be super helpful!

If you facilitated a group outside of this online platform, but based on this study, we would appreciate their feedback as well! So, please feel free to share this with others that are connected to this study in other ways!

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My friend Pierre, on Twitter @Pierre_Tranche, started a Number Talk weebly! It is fantastic! Check it out here:

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Two Book Recommendations

In reading Chapter 9, I kept bouncing back and forth between two books that I am obsessed with:

Great article by Virginia Bastable, Deborah Schifter, and Susan Jo Russell on Algebraic Claims that support the investigation work in Chapter 9!

These two books inspired much of my work in the classroom and numerous blog posts!