Sweat Sisters

Winn Silverline

We're More Than Just A dance Team

Silverline is a dance organization based on commitment and determination expressed by each and every one of the dancers that perform under the Friday night lights. The dancers take part in helping and dedicating their time to help our school and community year round. They are involved in many extracurricular activities, support the mighty CC Winn Band and also go out of their way to make sure other sports and organizations are appreciated on game days along with Pep-Rallies.
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Fall 2014 Performance Schedule

Date Location Time

08/15 Pearsall 7:00 Pm

08/22 SAC 7:00 Pm

08/29 Laredo SAC 7:30 Pm

09/05 Carrizo Springs 7:30 Pm

09/12 SAC 7:30 Pm

09/19 TBA TBA

09/26 SAC 7:30 Pm

10/03 Medina Valley TBA

10/10 SAC 7:30 Pm

10/18 Shirley Field 7:00 Pm

10/24 SAC 7:30 Pm

10/31 SAC 7:30 Pm

11/07 Somerset 7:30 Pm


2014-2015 Silverline Dancers

9th Grade

Emily Gutierrez

Iliana Guzman

Khiara Estrada

Krystal Vasquez

Valeria Vasquez

10th Grade

Adriana Ayala

Alejandra Ayala

Alexis Perez

Mar Corral

Stephanie Mendoza

11th Grade

Alexandra Pedroza

Karisa Hernandez- Social Officer

La'Kira Flores- 1st Lieutenant

Leslie Ibarra

Stevana Salazar- 2nd Lieutenant

Valerie Andrade

12th Grade

Chelsea Garcia

Daniela Avalos- Co Captain

Karen Viduarri

Karen Limon- Captain

Denisse Salinas

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ASU Dance Team- Hip Hop 2014
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Silverline puts their physical abilities to the test by participating in the URunIRun program. The girls take part in some nerve-breaking exercise routines with their instructors from the URunIRun staff. They participate in many different forms of working out. They dedicate many hours of their week solely on staying in condition. The workouts consist of a diverse variety such as yoga, kettle bells, and silks. Silverline goes through their training as a team and completes them united as well. All for one, one for all.

Silverline Technician- Dj Chavarria

The music produced and edited for the Silverline performances is done by Andres Chavarria. He is the dance team's personal music technician.

Silverline Sponsors

Ms. Byrne and Mrs. Villarreal are the ones who do all the organization of the team. Without them, they wouldn't be able to do all the events and performances.


Besides having to put on a marvelous halftime show on Fridays during the football season, Silverline also competes in dance competitions.The girls took part in the 5k color Run and successfully completed is a team. Last year the dance team worked very hard to compose a breathtaking routine. They competed in the Redline competition and brought home the gold. Silverline sacrificed many hours preparing for their competition and it appeared to be worth every minute of it. They now showcase most of their awards in the school's trophy case, all students have access to view them.
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Dance Prep

To be able to be part of the Silverline organization each and every member must attend mandatory tryouts about half a year prior to the beginning of the season. Tryouts are evenly spread amongst a school week and will determine the entrance to take part in Silverline. A summer camp will also be held during your vacation period and you must make arrangements to attend. Every attendance will count towards your points to be in the dance team. Each dancer will be spectated closely by the sponsors. It is very important that you keep in mind that being punctual to practices and camps is an important characteristic.

Want to be in Silverline? Here's how!

  • Must attend try-out dates
  • All splits are mandatory
  • Specific attire must be worn
  • Ms. Byrne and Mrs. Villarreal are available for any questions
  • Being punctual is mandatory

Dance Performances

The halftime performance is what Silverline is famous for. The super high kicks are what steals the spectators hearts. Most of their performances are taken place on the turf during the halftime shows for Friday Night Football games. During game days, Silverline also performs alongside the Maverick Thundering Band during CC Winn's Pep Rallies. Every week the dance team performs a unique routine that includes different genres of music. From country to pop, Silverline leaves a mark with their shows.