Australian Government

by jerred

The senate

The other House of Parliament is called the Senate.

There elect 12 people of each state and 2 of each territory to be there senators.

It doesn’t matter if the state or territory is big or small there still have the same senators. The government people sit on the left and there opposition sit opposite then them In the main chair in the middle of the room sit's the president of the senates.

The President of the Senate is in charge of the meeting.

And the parliament house is decorated in red

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Making Laws

The main responsibility of the parliament is to make laws.

When a law is first suggested, it is called a Bill. Bills are usually suggested in the House of representatives. First the bill is explained to the other member and there discuss it. Changes may be made. Then all the members vote with or against the bill. If it passes the vote, it goes to the other house of parliament

and the same thing happens. Sometimes the Bill is sent back to be changed some more, and sometimes it passes another vote. Then the Bill is called an Act of Parliament. The Governor-General signs it and it becomes a law that Australians obey.

The house of Representatives

Australia is divided up into areas called electorates.

There are 150 members elected to the house of representatives. Each member represent one of Australia's 150 electorates . On average, 150 000 people live in each electorate, with an average of 94 000 vote's

The Australian Government is formed in the House of Representatives, from the meeting, or coalition of parties, with the support of the majority of members in the House.

The levels of making law

Australia has three levels of law-making often referred to as the three levels of government that work together to provide Australians with the services they need. The three levels of government are local, state/territory and federal

All of them raise money thought tax to pay for services

Parliamentary committees

Parliamentary committees is very imported because there the one explain the laws to the parliament so they can decide on if the bill should became a law. One of the roles of the Parliament is to make laws for the nation. Most members of parliament, except ministers, serve on parliamentary committees.