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Does Ulla Really Work? Read Our Unbiased Review

Dehydration is very common among people of all ages, from toddlers to seniors, but this is especially true for those sitting at a desk 5 days a week. Adults that have desk jobs are particularly prone to dehydration, and that's because they simply forget to drink sufficient water while working. There are several apps that remind you to drink more water, but a much better option is the increasingly popular Ulla, an actual blinking device that visually reminds you to attend to your physiological needs every hour when you're sitting at a desk.

Read on to find out more details about this innovative hydration reminder and how it can help you stay optimally hydrated throughout the day.

What Is Ulla?

Created by a team of scientists at Ulla Labs based out of Europe, Ulla is a revolutionary, intelligent hydration reminder device that can be easily attached to bottles/glasses of any size, material, and shape, thanks to its silicone mounting band. Ulla has been designed specifically for busy people who tend to forget to drink sufficient water while they are working.

This smart and friendly hydration reminder consists of a small, modern and colorful Tamagotchi-like device that incorporates several sensors. These include a proximity sensor that detects when you return to your desk, at which point the white light will blink, reminding you to take a sip for your own good.

According to statistics, 60% of people who have desk jobs forget to drink water regularly. Ulla is an intelligent device that turns on automatically when you enter the room and reminds you to refill your water bottle. Ulla weighs only 28 grams and it is made of non-toxic, BPA-free polypropylene, making it safe to use. The device employs advanced, patent-pending technology, such as the high precision 3-axis accelerometer and low power micro-controller.

Why Do I Need Ulla?

The human body consists of up to 78% water, which is vital to every cell. Optimum hydration levels throughout the day have been proven to positively impact your physical, mental and emotional health. A healthy person generally requires a minimum of 30- 50 ounces of fluids per day to function properly. If you're sitting at a desk from 9 to 5, you may forget to meet your physiological needs, which is why you need Ulla. This tiny gadget is bound to become your BBF, helping you to stay optimally hydrated throughout the day, perform at your best and feel great.

If you're a student, Ulla can help you as well. According to recent research conducted by the British Psychological Society, college students who drink sufficient water during an exam score higher grades, because proper hydration also improves mental performance and focus, in addition to helping reduce anxiety and stress. Therefore, Ulla comes in handy for students too. By visually reminding you to drink water at least once per hour, Ulla helps you stay hydrated and healthy, especially when you're sitting in front of a computer and your water bottle with Ulla attached to it is in your field of vision.

Ulla Main Features and Benefits

Ulla is a quintessential device for your overall health and well-being, as it helps you maintain the function of all systems in your body, including the brain, muscles, and heart.

  • Ulla visually reminds you to take care of your biological needs and drink more water by pulsing a white light in complete silence ( no alarm sound)
  • Following the optimal hydration interval ( once at least every hour), Ulla recognizes when you drink and reminds you to hydrate only when you forget
  • By helping stay perfectly hydrated, Ulla combats fatigue, headaches, and stress, improves your energy levels and productivity and boosts metabolism
  • Ulla has 3 built-in sensors -- proximity, ambient, and detection sensors, and it acts as your personal hydration assistant throughout the day
  • Ulla knows when you drink and when it's time for you to drink again, helping you drink 3 times more water than you typically drink at work
  • Ulla is perfect for any work environment, can be attached to any bottle/glass and comes with pre-installed battery that lasts up to 6 months.

Ulla Rating and Recommendation

With the help of our editors, we tested this high-tech, smart hydration device. Our editors admitted that they tend to forget to drink while sitting at their desk, so they were excited to try out this gadget. Only editors in group B were given the intelligent hydration reminder Ulla, which they attached to their water bottles. At the end of the day, we evaluated the amount of water editors in both groups drank.

Editors in group A, who were not given the Ulla device, drank up to 0.5 liter, while those in group B drank more than 1,5 liters with the aid of this visual reminder. We also noticed that the tiny device Ulla really made a huge difference in terms of group B's productivity, well-being and mood. We thus recommend Ulla to anyone who wants to stay hydrated and feel refreshed at the end of a work day.

Ulla Reviews

This incredibly smart hydration device has numerous 5-star customer reviews online, which reflect the fact that Ulla really works, as also proven by our test. Many of Ulla customers refer to it as a life-changing device, because Ulla has helped them to significantly reduce headaches, be more productive at work, feel more energized, have better skin, boost immunity, sleep better and even lose weight.

They also love the fact that it's very small, discreet, safe to use, makes no noise, can be easily attached to any kind of water bottle/glass and comes in different colors to choose from.

Where Can I Order Ulla?

Anyone who wants to stay perfectly hydrated can purchase the innovative, smart hydration reminder device exclusively from the manufacturer's official website. By ordering directly and securely from this site, customers can get not only the authentic Ulla device, but also exclusive deals (15% discount when they order 2 Ullas and 30% discount when they order 4 Ullas) and free shipping worldwide. More than 280,000 Ullas have already been shipped to over 160 countries across the globe. You will also benefit from 1 year warranty, express delivery (1-3 days) and 30-day money back guarantee.

Supplier of the Product

The top-rated Ulla hydration reminder is supplied by Ulla Labs, a wellness company that owns and operates the website ulla.io For any inquiries about the product or your order, you can contact their friendly customer support team via email at support@ulla.io.

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