Poetry Project

By Jose santos

I Wish

I Wish

I Wish i had a Bugatti

I Wish i had super powers

I Wish i had Messi, Neymar, and Ronaldo soccer skills

I Wish i had a lot of money

I Wish i had pizza right now

I Wish i had a six pack

I Wish i had a lot of video games

Pizza Ballad

The hot melting cheese

makes my mouth water. The

smell of pepperoni takes

me to heaven.

I get the pizza and put it in

my mouth. It i hot but i don't

care because i'm hungry and

i love pizza. "More pizza i say."

I bite the cheesy crust and

let the cheese melt in my

mouth, it feels like lava

flowing through my tongue.

I ate all my pizza but

i'm still hungry and now

i'm sad. I love pizza and i want

more so i say "More pizza please."

Soccer Free Verse

Soccer is my favorite

sport. I always play the

game right. If i could i

would play the game day

and night.

With a ball on my feet i

do whatever i want. I always

like to play soccer on the street. when

i play soccer i feel like i am Neymar.

Soccer is my favorite sport. Soccer

is my pasion and i love to play it.

I want to be a soccer player

when i grow up