Bennet Beemer


airfare cost and schedule

I am leaving Denver International airport on I will be in Mexico from April 16 to April 30th. My Flight will cost $1098.50. I leave at 10:46am and land at 9:24pm. I will be making two stops. Both in Texas


I am staying in a 5 star hotel called Four Seasons Hotel, F.D. I'm staying there for 14 days. This hotel has lcd tv's, private balconies, wireless internet connection, outdoor pool, and gift shops.,DF,Mexico-c53588/2014-04-16/2014-04-30/2guests


Problems to anticipate and solutions suggested

One of the problems of traveling to mexico is I can't speak their language so I will get a translator so I can understand what their saying. This will help me with directions, when people are trying to help me or if I run into trouble. Even though United States travelers are not attacked that often, I should still be careful when I'm traveling on the street and after dark. In large crowds, pick pocketing is common, So I will only bring the money I need with me, and I will keep that money in a safe place.


Out of all the other countries I could have settled on to go learn about a new culture, I elected Mexico because I was more interested in their culture than any other country. I will be flying away April 16th and returning April 30th. This will be a non-stop flight to Mexico city. While I'm there, I will stop over at The Pyramid of The Sun, 6 Flags Mexico, and a tour of Estadio Azteca. I am the most excited about The Pyramid of The Sun because I've never detected a pyramid with my own eyes so I thought that would be cool.