push or pull??

humans migrate...

Humans migrate because they have family in another country or other of push and pull factors. People move like if there was bad economy or financial problems or natural disasters that make you move.

A push factor to make people of a country or a culture to move . Migrate here's and a real life examples like like the Jews when Hitler was in power like they had to migrate to concentration camps.

I migrate every dad because when i come to class i move to class to class every day so its basicly migrating.

cultural mosaics lol

Cultural mosaics can be on a small scale and and a large scale like school or the government or even the country .There's a lot of thing cultural mosaics can mean like it can be anything you want it can be religion or your own life .

The Jews relocated so when they did they had to fit in with another culture. but they still had there own culture.they moved because of Hitler and that's why its a cultural mosaics.

a cultural mosaic is when i was at west running brook i learn'd a bunch of stuff about the school and i migrated to Pinkerton so now i'm in a new cultural mosaic

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human balance the forms and cooperation and conflict among different social groups

Social groups fight a lot about what they believe in and people try to go against peoples religion or whatever they believe in that's why they fight and they also fight for power.

Its just like the us and isis and why we are always conflicting and have different in opinions that's why we fight but we also have.

i fight with my teachers sometimes we fight about me having my headphones in in class and i have gotten a detention before because ii didn't take it out i cooperatin with my teachers by doing my work.

i moved out from the gorilas to the pesants because i wanted to support the pesants and help them.and option of helping people is making a treaty.

power shifting

Power shifting is the same with isis and america because we are fighting over control and power.its also about religion and money its about a lot of thing .

Positives about power shifting is the power you gain from getting it if america got more

power than isis that would be better than isis having more power than us.

An negative is if isis had all the power it would be a negative because there in control they could use that power to bomb the us or other countries.