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Physical Description

Appears as a beautiful older woman who usually perfers greek and a simple silver crown. She would turn into a bird or any kind of form if necessary she needs to hide or spy.

Last Seen

At a family gathering/ birthday party. Making people happy and smiling


She is wanted for destroying a little boy because he did not listen to her and started talking back to her and she "punished him"


$5 million dollars

Myths Summary

Hera gave birth to Hephaestus without Zeus because she was jealous of Zeus' giving birth to Athena withou ther. However, she was so repelled by Hephaustus' appearance that she threw him down from Olympus. She gave birth alone either by beating her hand on the ground or by eating lettuce. To get revenge against Hera, Hephaustus made her a magical throne that didn't let he get up once she sat in it. The other gods begged Haphaustus to return to Olympus and free Hera, but he refused. At last, Dionysus got him drunk and brought him back to Olympus on a mule. He released Hera after being given Aphrodite as his wife....Want to hear more? Myths Description ..... http://www.enjoy.org/hstech/webclass04/thinkquest04/mythology/Rosa%20Marie/Hera's%20stories.html