Shawn shan


There was a time when I grow up, I experienced many many things, the most special time is the time I was six years old, and this's my "last birthday ".

As usual the class over, I clean up my bag went to the down stairs, open the my snake and wait for my mother(or my father) to pick me up. A minute later, I heard my mom' voice, I laugh and jump up "Yeah ! is mom "I soliloquize, then I run out the door but I just saw my dad...Suddenly I just heard my mother's voice again , and then she come after my dad, I think "this is the best time in my life ". Then come over to me and we hugged together and they said : "happy birthday Shan, we love you"! After that's mother asked me what gift I want, and I tell her:"in my class, some of my classmate's parents are divorce, I don't want you guys divorce I want you guys love each other forever, that's the gift I want." Then I saw the tear came out from her eyes.....and she said:"Yes my son I promise...".But this promise can not be true forever, it just a eternal lies.....


Here is another one, is time we went to the Disney land, is the time when I was 13 years old,that's my first time to ride "Spaceship ".--shoooo! Scream pierced the sky. I, agriculture Xiao Jing, Xiao Jing my mother and my mother has been living in farming "leap Space Mountain" at the inside dark. Suddenly, came a big downhill, followed by another big uphill roller coaster ups and downs, Huzuohuyou, our hearts Shangcuan channeling pounded. This is like the Yellow River bend really turn nine eighth bend, suddenly a screeching halt, and later broke into a gallop. We ride on the high-speed flying small car, the car continued to twist, turn, we are constantly crossing between the planet.

Just off the roller coaster, parade began, each of the floats are not the same, some like hot air balloons, and some, like the ship, and some, like the castle, there's like a swan, a wide variety of people who stand above, Mickey, Donald Duck, Snow White, each float fly ...... are very beautiful, interesting, Mitch made the bike float there in front of a boat, you can move up and down.

Finally, we came to Adventureland, go to Jungle River Cruise. People line up over many, probably had to wait an hour, but the desire for adventure or we persevered. Our turn, a board, just sit in the water actually found a giant crocodile! So we quietly cut open. It took another ten seconds, I saw a few river horse, we also Zhang Xuepentaikou, terrible. After that, I was not far from the expedition has been seen, and then move closer look and found a team to climb the tree, here are a rhino chasing him. Finally, we came to the crater, suddenly gushing flood back, our shower became drenched. The most frightening thing is ejected from the crater of the flames, a share has two or three meters, it's horrible! When we returned to the shore, to know that crocodiles, hippos, rhinos are false, I hung sinking new put down.

When we left Disneyland, as if waking from a dream, this is really a wonderful dream Disney Dream.

Universal Studios in US

In a beautiful day, we went to Universal Studios in Los Angeles. Universal Studios Hollywood is located in the northwestern suburbs of urban areas. Early 20th century, the filmmakers found an ideal film in this natural environment, will continue to focus on this, so that the land is becoming world famous Studios.

After we entered the resort, the first sitting in a car and tour the filming base. Hollywood film base is taken place. Into a look, worthy of a professional, they imitate almost any scene, and there are floods, Indian villages, as well as 4D made of "King Kong," the home (an orangutan, read students should know) ...... do undoubtedly the most authentic subway station, the first is a subway station furnishings, this is nothing new, right at the moment of the disaster strikes. First circuit leakage, then the flood pouring down the stairs, followed by the car fell off the top of the last one subway rushed over and immediately hit the pillar, as the "boom" sound, we left the "metro station."

Went shooting base, we went to the "Mummy Cave" (roller coaster). Very scary roller coaster, first slowly away, next to a spider web, skull top of things to make that kind of feeling is very scary. Suddenly he appeared in front of a Pharaoh, and he said to curse you and then began. Coaster swinging left and right, for a while, while lower, while a positive opening, while opening backwards. Suddenly stopped, followed by the sudden appearance of several positive zombies chasing you, then the fastest to go forward, it feels great!

I play many projects after leaving Universal Studios, the day is too happy! I really want to go again.