the land of opportunities

some facts about minnesota

1. The first steamboat too travel up the mississippi to minnesota was called the virginia 1823.

2. Minnesota became the thirty second state union in 1858.

3.minnesota became a territory in 1849.

4.Herriet bishop arrives in st. paul in 1847 to become the first public school teacher in minnesota.

5. swedish immigrent hans mattson arrives in minnesota 1853.

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minnesota the land of opportunities

here's a place of high interest

st.paul. 1 it's where some of the steamboats arrive.2 also the first public school in minnesota was opened in st.paul

here's an influential person

harriet bishop. 1 she opened the first public in minnesota.2 she was one of the women teachers.

some ways too travel here

I would travel here by steamboat or oxcart.

here is a quote from somebody famous

I have known minnesota from it's infancy and have loved it as a parent does a child.