Le Père Duchêne

June 26, 1791

The Royal Families Attempt to Flee France

Dear Editor:

I am a citizen of France and I have information on how the royal family tried to escape France. I felt the need to let the people of France know some details as to how the king is a traitor and a coward.

I am an attorney and I have watched how the king has let France become a torn nation. While knowing that the nation is in the mist of a revolution he has tried to join the other nobles who have emigrated Belgium.

The royal family left Paris in a coach headed towards Belgium. The family tried to trick the military by disguising themselves as a Russian lady (Marie Antoinette), traveling with her two daughters (Madam Royal and the little Dauphin, disguised as a girl), a lackey (the king), and a maid (Madam Elizabeth, the king's sister). They were able to make it out of Paris, but my groundskeeper was able to help the National Guard because he recognized the king from his picture on an assignat.

I am pleased to hear that the family has returned to Paris as prisoners and I would be pleased further if justice is served in punishing the King and Queen.


Jean-Paul Leveque, Esquire

By Jacqueline Creamer