The Long Walk

Only death can keep you from the finish line. Stephen King


In the near future a group of boys named Roy Garraty, Peter McVries, Gary Barkovitch, Hank Olson, and Arthur Baker. They are forced to walk the long walk by General Stebbins. You get three warnings if they slow down below four miles per hour. If you get three warnings you get executed via gunfire. After many fall from fatigue and gunshots to the head. It was only Roy and Peter. They both knew one of them had to win. Sadly Peter sat down on the pavement and was executed right then and there. Roy had won the long walk.


I chose this book because I really like the author. He always writes creepy and unsettling stories. My favorite part of the book was when Peter saved Roy from killed early on in the walk by talking to him and telling him he couldn't leave his family behind. In my opinion this book is very good. Some reasons i liked the book include the message. It was never let your friends go even in the hardest of times. Its message was also survival of the fittest. Overall i would rate this 4.5 stars/5. I would recommend it for middle school and up.