The Hero, Andrew Jackson

Hero Jackson

He Killed The National Bank

Andrew Jackson knew that The National Bank was an issue that needed to be stopped. The National Bank only cared for the wealthy and wouldn't provide for the middle class or the poor. Andrew Jackson used to be poor and knew what they were going through. He was President now, and could stop the issue. He chose the option to try to shut down (kill) The National Bank. He ended up killing The National Bank. Economy was not the best after that, but the lower class didn't have to worry about The National Bank anymore.

The Nullification Crisis

In 1828 and 1832, Jackson passed two tariffs, causing The Nullification Crisis. Nullify means to ignore, and that is exactly what South Carolina did. Most of the south didn't like the tariffs because they didn't have enough money to pay them. South Carolina passed the Nullification Act, stating that they will not be paying the tariff. Congress passed The Force Bill which forced South Carolina to pay the tariffs. South Carolina ended up giving in and accepting the 1833 Compromise. The government could've lost money if Jackson didn't pass The Force Bill.

Jacksonian Democracy

The Jacksonian Democracy was a political movement in the second party system for a greater economy created by Andrew Jackson. Jackson's political democracy demolished the previous political era. They eventually became a democratic party.
Andrew Jackson War Hero
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Political Cartoon

This political cartoon represents how Jackson defeated The National Bank. Each head represents a piece of the National Bank that he had to beat. He wins in the end.