Social & Culture Effects Depression

By: Bethany Tuma

Good's and Bad's

-When many families were hopless, some families were strenghened throughout this crisist.

-Migrashion reshaped in Amaerica during this time as well.

-Some business's went up, some went way down and shut down.

Families going under

-Families had to deal with the suicide rate that continued to go up.

-Heath care was not a priority to people back in the day.

-Alcoholism raised with Americans seeking an outlet to escape.

- Just to have food at the table at night, people started stealing to put food in their stomach.

-Cigar smoking became more expensive so people switched to a cheaper cigarette.

Younger Society

-Higher Education remained out of reach for most Americans.

-Males stayed in school longer than females.

-The prospects of a YOUNG male getting a job, was so low chance, males decided to stay in school longer.

-Money for Education wasn't very rare. They didn't do it much.



-Marriages were delayed until young males were able to provide for a family.

-Divorce rates dropped in the 1930's.

-Birth rates fell a ton.

-Rates of abandonment raised as men chose the "poor man divorce" - they just ran away from their marriages.

-Americans learned about birth control and added expences of unexpected child.