Weekly Newsletter

Fun With Pre-K Fours!

Happy H-Week!

We are so proud of how well our friends have worked this week learning all about the letter H. They have become pros at writing the letter and also finding new words that start with H. We had a fun game of "Handball" and also drew a picture of a time when they were a great helper. We also did a letter H hunt in magazine, and played hotstotch outside

Next Week

Since this will be a short week because of the field trip and fall break, we are going to split letter I into two weeks!


  • count and compare data on a graph
  • compare objects by length
  • use terms such as longer, shorter, and same to describe lengths

Phonemic Awareness & Phonics

  • Letter I's form and function
  • Identifying spoken words in sentences
  • Answering questions in complete sentences
  • Vowels


  • Reading book that start with the letter I
  • Shared Reading
  • work on the order of letters

The Letter I

  • Ice Cream Craft
  • Write & learn the sound the letter I makes
  • I spy
  • Nature walk & the letter I stick art

Field Trip

  • We will make a list of which bus your child will be on (we are going on two buses). We are also going with Miss Beth's room and she will be driving the other bus.
  • You will need to label your child's car seat with tape and marker and then buckle their seat on their bus


Things we Need:

  • old magazines
  • hand sanitizer
  • dry erase markers