Last Rites?

Elizabeth Wood and Anna Verhelle

How Do You Want To Be Buried?

Christianity: Burial

The deceased are usually buried in a casket or cremated.

Buddhist: Burial

After death, while the body is being prepared for the funeral fire, the monks would chant over the dead one’s “good energies” and allow them be released from their body. The body is then buried or burned.

Islamic: Burial

They cleanse then wrap the body to keep it sacred. The body is then buried as soon as possible to keep it holy

What To Expect At Your Funeral...

Christianity: Funeral

The funeral is typically held in the Church of their choice. Eulogies may be given, family members may also come up and speak about their loved one. Pastors will also work details about the loved one’s life of faith into the sermon. They are given at the church.
Christian Funeral

Buddhist: Funeral

The funerals are traditionally held on the third, seventh, forty-ninth, and one-hundredth day after the death. Mourners and family members of the deceased may deliver sermons and eulogies. During prayer or the sermon, head coverings should be removed. Chanting also occurs at many Buddhist funerals.

A Buddhist Funeral Service for the late Mrs. Muoyky Eam, 2 of 4

Islamic: Funeral

The funeral commonly starts in a mosque, but then the prayers during the funeral are commonly held outdoors, not inside the mosque. They bury the body as soon as possible to keep it holy.
Muslim Funeral / Janaza

What Someone Might Wear to Your Funeral...