Save Endangered Animals

More and more animals are becomind endangered.

What is Happening Now

Humans are greatly affecting many animals habitats. We would cut down trees for wood. We would chop down rain forests for more farm land. We pollute the ocean. We speed up global warming. On top of that we hunt animals. All of these actions will force more animals to be homeless and eventually extinct. The will all disappear from Earth.

The Ivory-Billed Woodpecker

The ivory-billed woodpecker owes its near- or complete extinction to habitat loss (logging)as well as over-exploitation by humans, who hunted it for its feathers. There have been few sightings, but most people think they are extinct.

Amur Leopards

A 2007 we counted only 14-20 adult Amur leopards and 5-6 cubs. Threats facing the species include habitat loss due to logging, road building and encroaching civilization, poaching (illegal hunting) and global climate change.

Javan Rhinoceroes

The rhinos have been hunted to near extinction for their horns which are used in Asian medicine.
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