Stephen F. Austin

Kylee Perello & Matthew Lyons

Date of Birth and Death

  • Stephen F. Austin was born on November 3, 1793
  • He died on December 27, 1836


  • Stephen F. Austin was born in the small town of Austinville, Virginia. As a boy, he had something to look up to in his father, Moses Austin. His father received a grant from Mexico to settle families in Texas. Unfortunately, on his way back to America, he got tuberculosus and died. Stephen, currently training to be a lawyer, dropped everything and continued his fathers work to become a empresario.
  • Later in life, he had successfully settled over one-thousand families in Texas, and became the Texas governor. During the Texas revolution he left to America to try and gather people to fight for Texas. By the time he came back to Texas, the war was over. In 1836, Stephen F. Austin was ran for president of Texas. He lost but was appointed Secretary of State under Sam Houston. He later died during his term. Many people were present at his funeral.

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Stephen Fuller Austin was one of the most important people in Texas history

Contributions to Society

  • Stephen F. Austin many things in his life and served his community in many ways. One of the most important things he did was bring families into Texas. He also helped start the new republic of Texas by governing it and contributed to Texas more than any other person. He was know as the "Father of Texas" for a reason.
  • If he had never brought families to Texas there would be no Texas. It would be a unpopulated place, a place populated by Mexico, or a place that the U.S. Owned, and we would not be living in it today. So if Stephen Fuller Austin hadn't done what he did none of us would be alive. He was like a founding father to Texas and nearly doubled its population at the time.


  1. Born on November 3, 1793
  2. Went to college to be a lawyer
  3. Father died
  4. Left college to continue in his fathers footsteps
  5. Received a land grant from Mexico
  6. Received his land and started settling families
  7. Settled over 1000 families
  8. During the Texas Revolution he left to get people to fight
  9. Came back to Texas and was appointed Secretary of State
  10. Died on December 27, 1836