The Three Brothers

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The father of the three boys wanted to see all of his sons succeed in life. So one day the father told his three sons to each go learn a trade and which ever one can do the best will get the house that has been passed down for generations. After the time is up and all of the sons come back to show their talents the father finally decides which one to chose and he gets the house. When the brothers all went out to find their trades they made an agreement to share the house no matter who go the house so they all ended up sharing the house.

Plot, Setting, & Characterization

When the brothers decided to share the house no matter who their father chose to give it to. The father was a very wealthy man and it ran in the family and was passed down for generations.

The oldest son decided to become a blacksmith the second oldest became a barber and the third oldest became a fencing-master.

I think its around the late 1800's because of the jobs.