Matter review



Matter is something that takes up space.Matter is all around us such as chirs rocks people and lots of other things.there are three states of matter soild,liquid,gas.A soild the molecules in it is packed together but still vibrate and ist has a definte shape and volume.A liquid molecules are more speard apart but still are a little packed it does not have a definte shape but does have a definte volume.A gas molecules are moving around every were and not packed together it has no definte shape or volume


Atoms is something that can not be cut any more than what it is.Every thing is made up of atoms and can not be cut any more.They are called the buliding blocks of matter because everything is made up of that if they were not exist there would be nothing on earth.Atoms are very,very important.

Elements and Molecules

Elements are made up millions of one type of atom.A molecule is made up of two or more elements.The reason one element is not the same from a other is beacause inside the element is a atom there are protons netrous and protrons and they can be different The answer to why it is different because it is carbon and oxygen 2 times and is not just one element.Elents have its on table called the periodic table of the elements with many different kinds of elements.

Physical Properties

Mass-Mass is a measurement of how much matter an object is taking up , everything weight-the amount of gravity forced on a object ,a person,apple,pencil volume-the amount of space a object takes up,baseball denisty-how much mass is in a certain volume person,water,rock buoyancy-how easilyan object sinks or float rubber duckey,wood,rocks