Women Have Sovereignty Over Men!

A New Era!

How the decree came about!

Due to the punishment of one of King Arthur's Knight, a campaign was started to put women in control of men! None other than Alison who is also known as the Wife of Bath, led this campaign. They convinced the queen of the land to support this. The crowd of women went right up to King Arthur's castle and demanded to see him! He was coerced into decreeing the law through the sexy clothes the Wife of Bath is known to wear. The Men are going mad around here!

Alison the Wife of Bath

The campaign leader is a harlot! She wears clothes that show off her physique. She's flamboyant and straightforward. She's been married five times and all husbands are mysteriously dead. She believes that women should have sovereignty over their husbands. She says men are so shallow and can't make wise decisions. She must hate them!