Tough Tungsten

What am I?

I'm a transition metal that is tough and hard to boil. My " abbreviation " for my name is W and my Atomic mass, which is embarrassing, 184 ( no fat jokes please).My atomic number is 74 which is also my electrons and my Protons. If you tried to boil me you would have a hard time trying to get to 5660 degrees Celsius!!!!

Where I come from and what I do...

One day in the Mexican desert, two men were looking for something like me. When they found me on the ground they were confused." What are you?" One of them asked. I said" I'm tungsten! How are you?" In their native language they told me that I am a missing element in the periodic table. When they took me to their lab in Germany they called me Wolfram even though my name is Tungsten. I found out the men's name Juan Jose and Fausto Elhyyar. The year was 1783 and not many things had been discovered yet. All those men found out was everything about me. Swedish chemists named me Tungsten( which is my name now). They Classified me as a metal and I went to school with all those other metals. My best friend is potassium because we both go into a lightbulb filament. Many people loved the Television and you can thank me for that since I'm in those tubes. Over these long years I've been used in furnaces because I can get really hot!