Number the Stars

By: Lois Loery

A girl and her family attempts her escape from WWII...

Micah Stone
Period 4
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World War 2, taking place in Copenhagen, Denmark, and Gilleleje Denmark.
From, September 1943 to May 1945.


Annemarie and her friend, Ellen, are stopped by two German guards on the way home from school. After, Ann is notified by her parents, about her sister's death, about the war, and why Jewish shops are closing. Soon, the Rosen family leaves Ellen with Ann's family to keep her safe from the Nazis. After, Ann's family is confronted numerous times by Nazis, including Ann herself once delivering a package for Mrs. Johansen's aid. On May, 1945, the war ends and everybody parades through the streets carrying Danish flags.

Main Charecters

* Annemarie
* Ellen


* Mr. Johansen
* Mrs. Johansen
* Uncle Henrik
* Peter Neilson
* Lise Johansen

Historical and Fictional Charecters

* Fictional
- Historical

* Ann
* Ellen
* Uncle Henrik
* Mr. Johansen
* Mrs. Johansen
* Peter Neilson

- The Jews in Denmark


World War II started on September 1st, 1939, when Germany's, Japan's, and Italy's dictators formed the axis faction. Soon, the axis power started conflict with many major nations like Russia, France, and Britain. After, the axis power released attacks on neighboring nations, so, Russia, France, Britain formed the allies faction claiming war on the axis. Shortly After, Germany was slowly taking over Europe, the only nations still standing were Britain and Russia. The U.S.A. pondered over the problem on joining the war, they did not want to be involved in another major war again. Then, on December 1st, 1941, Japan bombed Pearl Harbor on their conquest to take all the Pacific Islands. After, the U.S.A joined the allies, and together they fought against the Axis power. Many mistakes were made on how Germany attacked Russia, and soon, U.S.A. went to liberate France from the Nazis, this is known as D-day. Germany soon was surrounded and surrendered, and shortly after Italy. But Japan did not surrender because they were prepared for an invasion by the allies. Shortly after the U.S.A. dropped the atomic bomb on Japan on two cities devastating Japan, and allowing the Allies to win the war on September 2nd, 1945.
Source: World War II, written by H.P. William, Robin Cross, and Charles Messenger

"Why should I help you? You treat me like something stuck to the bottom of your shoe."

This simile refers to on Ann saying that her sister treats her like trash. Pg. 73 (Simile)

Mama was crying, and the rain made it seem the whole world was crying.

She is referring the rain to Mama sadness. Pg. 41 (Metaphor)