End of Semester Information

CCGPS Analytic Geometry @ WHS

Fall Semester Grades

Hello parents!

As we approach the end of the semester I wanted to touch base with you regarding opportunities for grade improvement that your child has had previously this term and what opportunities remain.

Every Analytic Geometry student at WHS has had the opportunity to retake EVERY assessment (excluding the midterm) to earn back missed points. Many students have done little to take advantage of this opportunity. The opportunity for re-assessment generally expires about 2 weeks after the papers are passed back in class. It is recommended that students attend tutoring prior to attempting a re-assessment, but it is not required. At the date of this newsletter, we have taken 11 assessments. Assessments 1-8 are expired, with 9-11 expiring within the next 3 weeks.

This semester, we are going to allow a ONE TIME extension of this by way of an "Amnesty Day". ONE DAY during the week after Thanksgiving break, we will use our regular class hour to allow students to attempt any re-assessments that they have not previously attempted. This day is NOT the time to start asking questions. Students should decide now which assessments they would like to redo and begin working on those in tutoring over the next few weeks. On Amnesty Day, students can retake as many assessments as they would like during the class period. Expired assessments will not be available before or after school. Assessments that have not yet expired can be taken before or after school any day.

Please help your children prepare for this by going through their grades and assessments to determine which assessments they should focus on.

If your child is currently failing, it is extremely important that they take advantage of this opportunity. There will be no other extra credit provided.

If your child no longer has the original assessment, they can still do the re-assessment, they will just have to take the whole thing instead of just the ones they missed.

Remember, if you ever have any questions or concerns PLEASE contact your child's teacher! We are here to help! :o)

Ms. Hajduk: Joanna.Hajduk@henry.k12.ga.us

Mr. King: Quinton.King@henry.k12.ga.us

Ms. McCrea: Erin.McCrea@henry.k12.ga.us

Ms. Schlottman: Missy.Schlottman@henry.k12.ga.us

Ms. Stevenson: Lisa.Stevenson@henry.k12.ga.us