Resources for My Classroom


Presentation Tools
I like using VoiceThread because it makes a presentation more dimensional than PowerPoint. It makes the work more authentic and personal because you incorporate voice and narration.
Collaborative Tools
I like Google Drive for many reasons. It is web-based so I can access my work any place I have internet. Also, it makes a great collaboration tool when the group is working on separate computers. I recommend this resource for cooperative learning projects!
Research Tools
Addict-o-matic is a tool I haven't encountered before. It takes your search and gives you results from all of the major search engines on the web. It improves the quality and effectiveness of your search by placing all the results in one place.
The search site FindHow is helpful to discover processes and how to do something. There are a wide range of subjects you can utilize this site for.
Interactive Tools
Study Jams is a cool tool to get kids engaged in learning. It has tons of information for Math and Science presented in a fun way. The site includes educational videos and interactive games.
Organizing Tools
Bubbl.Us is a good tool for mind mapping (brainstorming) before writing. It is easy to use!
ClassTools is definitely a resource I am going to keep in my toolbox! This site has tons of templates to create your own online games, fake profiles for the class, and a "slot machine" to randomly pick a student. Very cool online creations.
Converting Tools
DocsPal is a great free online document converter. This site will come in handy and supports many formats.
Quiz and Poll Tools
Easy Test Maker will save you loads of time and make your life a lot easier! I am looking forward to preparing tests on this site. It looks simple and can incorporate all kinds of test questions.
eQuizzer allows you to create original quizzes online. You can track student progress and manage the quizzes all online.


Respect Rap Only
Why I Hate School But Love Education||Spoken Word
I Will Not Let An Exam Result Decide My Fate||Spoken Word
Conjunction Junction....Best School House Rock
Interjections! Schoolhouse Rock


Ted Talks

This series includes 105 podcasts dedicated to "Ideas Worth Spreading". Some are on educational topics, others are controversial, and others are just meant to inspire or interest the audience.
What the Tech

This series contains 30 podcasts dedicated to informing the audience about the technology in today's world.
Grammar Girl

This series is 86 podcasts with tips to improve grammar and writing.
A Way with Words

This series has 49 podcasts in which the hosts discuss the many aspects of the English language including grammar, slang, and word origins.

This series has 41 podcasts with a new one every week. They focus on narrating stories for children.