Kindergarten Kibbitz

Mrs. Weiser's Weekly Newsletter

October 7 - 9


Last week we finished up Wordless Books and we were so excited to begin our study of “If You Give A…” books by Laura Numeroff on Wednesday! The predictability of Numeroff's books has allowed us to feel confident while learning about our new comprehension skill of cause and effect. We found it so easy to understand how this story is a circular story by coming to the Smart Board and putting the story elements on the circle. We are also continuing to find the characters and the settings in each story. With our Numeroff study, we are learning how to respond to literature in a journal and on Wednesday it was so much fun filling out the pages dedicated to If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.


Last week we finished up our unit on building number sense confidence. We spent a lot of time working through centers that really helped us understand the 100’s chart. This week we moved into learning about addition and subtraction! On Wednesday we explored addition number stories and learned about number sentences and on Thursday we changed it to subtraction. We loved acting out addition and subtraction problems with our hands and arms. Please ask your child to teach you about "Gus the Plus" and "Linus the Minus."

Writing Workshop

We began our week in Writing Workshop with a beautiful story titled Rocket Writes a Story. This story reiterated that when we write we can write from the heart. Next we learned that if we get that "oh-oh" feeling about our drawing, it is okay to say, "I'll do the best I can and keep going." Then we finished off our week by learning how to stretch and write our sounds. You should see how your children love to write while listening to Mozart and Beethoven!

Global Read Aloud

Our whole school has been so excited to participate in the Global Read Aloud. Our class will be reading the same story as many other schools across the globe for the next few weeks. On Wednesday we read Chopsticks. It was a beautiful story that taught about friendship and created a wonderful discussion about what qualities we like in our friends. We all agreed that kindness and someone you can laugh with are at the top of our lists! We also felt that it was very necessary that we tried to use chopsticks on our own. The whole class attempted to pick up marshmallows, Raisinets, and Golden Grahams. Although our Skype connection wasn't perfect, we loved visiting with a kindergarten class in Katy, Texas. It was so much fun that both classes shared their new chopstick friends with each other. We can't wait to meet them again during our next story.

Thank You

-Thank you to Justin's grandmother, Linda Selig, for being our mystery reader this week and Dylan's mom, Heather Carlin, for being our mystery reader last week.

-Thank you to Asher's Family for being our family of the week. We loved the HUGE photos of the construction sites.

Upcoming Dates

-October 15: Scholastic Book Order Due

-October 22: Field Trip to Art Barn

-October 19: No Homework Night

-October 30: Grandparents and Special Friends Day


If you are planning to have your child’s guest on Grandparents and Special Friends Day take him or her home from school please remember to turn in the permission slip that I e-mailed out last week. Please let me know if you need another copy.

Happy Birthday Ella!!!

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