Digital Citizenship Project

Trinity F period 2

Rule #1 Digital Etiquette

Think before you post. True? Helpful? Inspirational? Necessary? Kind?

Rule #2 Cyber bulling

Don't be a bully at all. Treating people wrong will get you and that other person hurt.

Rule #3 Information Privacy

Never share your password to anyone besides your parents. Someone can ruin your game or something like that.

Rule #4 copyright

Don't own anything that you did not make or create. That is wrong make sure to ask for permission from the person who made it.

Rule #5 Online networking

Make sure to set your settings to friends and family only not public. Setting it to public means that everyone can see it.

Rule # 6 plagiarism

If you take a picture or an article from off line. That is plagiarism, plagiarism can lied up to bad things.

Rule #7 Online Safety

Ask your parents before sighing up for a social media site. Ex. Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook. etc

What is Digital Citizenship?

Digital Citizenship is a online rules, that applies to everyone online. This is like real life, you have to have manners to live in the world, so imagine the network is your life. You must be polite online if you don't you can be reported or kicked off that site and you no longer can get on that site. Here is a video for more information.