Solar,wind,geothermal,biomass,nuclear and hydro

Solar facts

1. Solar energy is responsible for all of the light and most of the heat we experience on earth.

2. (Pro) It's clean and quiet meaning no moving parts or waste from chemical reaction.

3.(pro) Solar energy is available anywhere the sun shines and will be for millions more years.

4.(con) Weather can decrease the efficiency of solar energy capture.

5. (Con) Solar energy is only harnessed during daylight hours.

Wind Facts

1. When the wind blows against a turbine's blade it spins them, powering an electric generator.

2. Pro- It's a clean energy- produces no waste since No chemical reaction takes place.

3. Pro- Although it's tall, wind towers take up little ground space.

4. Con- Wind is not constant in most places a turbine can be built.

5. Con- wind turbines alter the landscape and natural aesthetics.

Geothermal Facts

1. It's intense gravitational pressure and radioactive decay create temperature of thousands of degrees around the core of the earth.

2. Pro- There is millions of times more geothermal energy available than humans can consume.

3. Pro- Geothermal plants take up at least space per kW generated of any major power source.

4. Con- Outside fuel is needed to operate the water pumps some plants use.

5. Con- it's current drilling technology is limited.

Biomass Facts

1. Biomass used for the production of biofuels exists primarily in the forms of wood, " energy crops" harvested specifically for biofuel production, plant waste from crops harvested for other purpose sand animal waste.

2. Pro- It can turn existing waste into energy.

3. Pro- Carbon neutral ( while alive, biomass acts as a carbon sink and upon death as a source).

4. Con- Energy is most easily realized through incineration, emitting air pollution and greenhouse gases.

5. Con- Large amounts of fresh water are needed to farm biomass and process it waste.

Nuclear Facts

1. Its energy in the nucleus (core) of an atom. 2. 20% of nuclear electricity is generated in the U.S3. Their are 65 nuclear power plants in the U.S today.4. Along with other sustainable energy sources, nuclear power is a low carbon power generation method of producing electricity. 5. Nuclear energy is being used in more than 30 countries around the world, and even powers Mars rovers.

Hydro Facts

1. Hydroelectricity is the most widely used form of renewable energy in the world today.

2. Pro- clean energy, produces no waste.

3. Pro- water that passes through the turbine in not contaminated and can be reused downstream.

4. Con - dams are expensive to build and can destroy habits along rivers.

5. Pro- with dams water flow can be regulated to match demand.