All About Synesthesia

Learn about synesthesia and see if you have it too!

What is Synesthesia?

Synesthesia is a non-threatening condition where, when something triggers one of the five senses, it is sent to the brain where a another sense responds.

The pronunciation - (sin-a-th-e-sha)

The word synesthesia comes from the Greek words "syn" (together) and "aisthesis" (perception). It literally means joined perception or same perception.

What is a Synesthete?

A synesthetes what people who have synesthesia are called.

The pronunciation - (sin-a-th-et)

There are many estimates for number of people with synesthesia, it usually ranges from 1 in 200 to in 1 in 100,000. Although there are probably many people who aren't aware they even have it.

Common Traits

Synesthetes tend to be...



-neurologically normal

-In the same family.


I recommend that you read "A Mango Shaped Space." It's about a thirteen year old girl with Synesthesia. Mia Winchell sees colors and shapes with every sound and letter. One day she discovers that not everyone sees the world as she does.


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