Nike Kobe 10's

By: Michael Zabriskie

What is this product made of?

My product is Nike Kobe 10's. Nike manufactured these shoes in Vietnam. The Kobe 10's are made up of polyester, rubber, leather. Nike gets it's leather from China, it's rubber from a tree that's called Hevea. And the Hevea tree is from the Amazon Basin in South America. And Polyester is from India and then send them to Vietnam.

How Nike shoes go to the Consumers

Well After being made in Vietnam and three other countries. Then for the shoes to get to the US they get shipped to Memphis, Tennessee and then distributed across the US. To get the shoes to other countries. They are shipped to distribution center across the world. Nike has distribution centers in eight countries.

Nike shoes being manufactured

Four Categories of Globalization

Technological Economic Cultural Environmental

One problem for technological is that people are getting hurt during work. People get caught in the machines and are getting hurt. They should have better machines so know one gets hurt making shoes.

A economic problem is the economy that the countries make this shoes are really bad. And they workers make such little money compared to workers in the U.S..

A environmental problem is farm areas are being taken down and building cites and buildings taken away trees and animals.

A cultural problem for making Nike shoes is a lot of poeple wear shoes and the problem is not everyone has shoes. They should for every 40 pairs of shoes made. Nike should give a pair to a perosn who needs it.


One problem that is a good soultiuon is making better buildings. Instead of having a lot of bad bulit buildings. Why not have a couple of really good built buildings that a built well and that can hold a lot of people to manufunture the item. As example in the cotten youtube video we saw in class. A building colapse happened and it killed a lot of people. IF they dont pay the inspectors to cheat the test that they do and have them do a really well job then that would save a lot of lifes. Also it would save tree and forests and jungles and farm. It would make much more sense to make really strong and not as much buildings then not as strong and a lot more buildings that could kill people.

Why i did shoes in Oregon

I did shoes because it's a big role in the life of a human. People wear shoes everyday and people collect them also. If you live in Oregon then you moslty wear rain boats becuase it rains so much their. In California your probably gonna wear sneakers becuase it doesnt rain that often. Your gonna wear shoes for the rest of your life. Some collectors have shoes worth from $60 to $20,000. That shows you how important shoes are to people.