Human capital foundation (HCF) is boutique HR services firm focused around challenges and opportunities in people space. We are an agile team and love to burn our grey cells on people challenges confronting Board, leaders and organizations of many shapes and sizes.


We believe that our core strength is our ability to understand your organizational and business context and bring diverse perspectives to build and execute effective solutions. Our insights come from the world of business, nonprofits, academics and startups. Our idea, tools and approaches build around HR, Psychology, systems thinking & OD. We pride ourselves in putting us in your shoes, ask insightful and honest questions and provide elegant and practical outcomes.

SHR Advisory Support

Growing Organizations possesses manifold people challenges and usually minimal HR & leadership resources to effectively meet and win over those challenges. However the complexity of the business often demands that the level of HR support needed is no less compared to bigger and mature companies. This is the place where our HR Advisory support comes in handy. It is designed to ensure that growing Organizations are able to effectively access and utilize best-in –Breed HR talent to deploy on their time and business critical people projects at a cost proposition that is Optimized, outcome driven and ROI centric.


1: A Senior HR Professional implant within the Office for 2 days of a working week and overall 8 Days in a month in minimum.

2: Shared ownership & accountability of the common identified HR project deliverables.

3: Flexibility to increase the number of advisory days based on breadth of HR areas covered and complexity of the projects.

4: Metrics Driven execution approach

5: offsite support built into the Advisory Support. (Based on need)


1: Run a lean HR Advisory Organization but not a Department.

2: Execute Complex HR & People critical projects in house with best of breed Quality Outcomes.

3: Ensure personal and hands on support for sensitive and time bound HR needs.

4: Flexibility of Execution – combination of Onsite + Offsite approach

5: Ensure Confidentiality of sensitive HR information- protect intellectual property in-house.