Catcher In The Rye

by J.D. Salinger

Commitments in the 1950's

The men were focused on providing for their family. Their main goal was to be a bread maker and provide for their family in the sense that they all had clothes, food and shelter.

The women were to be the perfect little house wife and care for the children. Usually the kids consist of one girl and one boy in which the women were to make sure they were healthy and had everything they need.

The teenagers were focused on being the perfect children. All kids usually attended school up until high school graduation. The girls were to dress and act appropriately to be prepared for a future being a house wife. The boys were to learn the ropes and be prepared to work hard for the future family.

Society was so wrapped around the idea of a perfect family. A husband, wife, two kids. Everybody wanted a perfect little family until no inventions were available. Once the automobile and televisions were able to be purchased, everybody's new goal was to have the best and be the best while maintaining such a happy perfect little family.

"He critized the values of his time and resisted becming a conventional member of his society"

The main character is not the usual teen of the time. He is portrayed through ignorance. His ignorance isn't something that is towards an individual, it is something that is to the world. he sees the world as fake. everybody was trying to be somebody they aren't and trying to one up each other. he sees the world as a place where everything isn't as simple as they are trying to make it.

Why was this book banned?

For a many year, this book was banned in schools. Most of the adults and outsiders felt as if the book was too vulgar to be read by anybody. The book was going against the every day "norms." The book portrayed a teenager who was deemed out of control, for a lack of better terms and nobody wanted the teenagers of that time to become out of control.