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Homeless people and the way others can help

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Every day, millions of people suffer from homelessness around the world

Children, elderly, and even veterans are left without the protection a shelter provides.

There are stereotypes that people have to overcome such as: poiticians, African Americans, and victims of homelessness. it is our job, as a nation, to stop judgment and help those in need. Not all homeless are ignornant and not all are addicts; some may just be suffering from a bad year because they lost a job or inflation occurred.


There are homeless shelters in your area that you could contribute your time to. Below there is a link to direct people willing to help and donate time and/or money to. I demonstrated an example on a function you can model after, to establish a fundraiser.


Start a donation center. Make signs and establish designated areas for food, clothing, neccesities, etc.


Begin packaging cookies, set out the bake sale area.


Start car wash, donation stations, and set up bake sale.


Start the clean up, and finalizing everything.


Have a party for individuals who participated, end with prayer.